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 International Girl

Scholarship-Based Children's Youth Development Program

Over $50,000 awarded in scholarships, cash awards and educational trips

The perfect youth development program and pageant for you!  From brand new contestants to former competitors, International Girl is a wonderful training pageant for everyone involved!  Register your daughter for our 2023 State and/or International Pageant and enjoy a program that focuses on Natural Beauty, Talent, Fashion, and Social Graces, all while letting them reach their own potential. International Girl features Local, Regional/State, and International Competitions in three events: Overall (Talent Required 7 & up), Beauty and Top Model. 

Contestant Age Divisions

  • Baby Miss - (0-23 months)
  • Tiny Miss - (2-3 years)
  • Petite Miss - (4-6 years)
  • Little Miss - (7-9 years)
  • Young Miss - (10-12 years)
  • Junior Teen Miss - (13-15 years)
  • Teen Miss - (16-18 years) *(18 and high school senior)
  • International Girl - (18-24 years) *(18 and in college/not a high school senior)
  • International Ms. - (19 & up) *(contestants can be married/mom - not in school)

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WE ARE Natural Pageantry

International Girl is a natural pageant. That means all competitors should look their age. This focus on natural beauty, poise, talent, and personality allow all participants to complete in a "total package" program while enjoying the great parties and events in world-class cities.  Make new friends from your local area and around the world at International Girl.

Three Levels of Competition

  • Local
    A competition that is held in a city/county and is the starter pageant for contestants located in that area.  Local Directors help prepare contestants for the pageant, host parties/events and carry a delegation to the Region/State Pageant.
  • Region/State Pageant 
    The Region/State pageant is the climax of your state's competitions.  Girls from all local competitions come together to compete for State Titles, enjoy parties and make memories that will last a lifetime!  Each State Winner is awarded the coveted Rhinestone IG Crown, Sash and Award.  
  • International Pageant
    The International Competition, held in July, is the Grand Finale of the pageant. Girls from all over the world come together in the hopes of being crowned an International Girl and walking away with scholarships and awards. Each event features our trademarked Rhinestone Crowns that only International Girl can get.

Top-Notch Venues

Your whole family will love staying at first-class hotels, competing at top-notch venues, and taking part in parades, parties, and community events around the country. We focus on age-appropriate competition, and all activities are organized with family in mind. Our events are great vacation opportunities for the whole family.

Join Our Team of Directors

Become a part of the International Girl team. We seek new directors who want to enjoy great incentives and the opportunity to share this prestigious program with their communities. Contact us today for more information.

At the 2020 Pageant, contestants not only compete but they enjoy numerous Theme Parties and Welcome Luncheon! Our Queens kick of the week with a Welcome to IG Theme Party. This season we will feature a Cookies and Milk PJ Party. Our Welcome Luncheon is a sit down meal spotlighting our Royalty, Directors, Staff and ending the program with our Photo Awards. The 2020 IGGY Awards will be a Mardi Gras Party this year. This is our Gala where families get dressed up and enjoy an excellent evening with wonderful Dinner, Awards and a Talent Show! Known as ore than just a pageant, International Girl is truly the program for you!